Our name is derived from the Finnish word, kaava, sole meaning: formula or pattern. Our formula for compelling design is rooted in what we believe, enjoying the journey, and always seeking to cultivate and grow.

What We Believe

  1. people always come first
  2. form follows function
  3. creativity can solve anything
  4. good design is good business
  5. there is power in positive thinking
  6. life is an adventure
  7. process leads to solutions
  8. never stop learning

What We Do


We have a passion for helping clients communicate their unique vision through art and form. We believe that a combination of asking the right questions, strategic thinking, and simple, functional design enables brands to effectively tell their visual story.

  • brand strategy
  • brand management
  • brand overhaul
  • logo design
  • collateral design
  • art direction
  • stationery
  • editorial design
  • event branding
  • icon design
  • illustration
  • typographic systems


Compelling design is not exclusive to what is visible. Our bespoke, interactive solutions always involve a massive effort behind the scenes to build complex backend systems that perform reliably and are intuitive in daily operation. If you can dream it, we can build it.

  • digital strategy
  • website design
  • user experience design
  • user interface design
  • digital asset admin
  • WordPress
  • custom cms
  • website security
  • custom plugins
  • ecommerce
  • hosting
  • javascript


There are few things more satisfying than creating a tangible object that people use in everyday life. Our holistic approach to package design produces excellent results, taking into account a multitude of variables and ultimately leading to a beautiful product.

  • brand implementation
  • form design
  • custom die creation
  • materials research
  • cost-effective strategies
  • vendor management
  • pre-fab exploration
  • real-world testing
  • practical solutions

We enjoy residing in beautiful San Diego, California. We draw our inspiration from life around us. On the bike. Out on a run. Traveling. Community. Our families. Living a full, rich life outside of the work we create keeps us fresh, eager, and motivated to come to the table with our best selves to serve our customers and, ultimately, the world.

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